For Residents

Rubbish Collections and Recycling

This week's bin collection is on Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

blue bin

Chorltonville rubbish is collected by Manchester City Council under its Kerb-It recycling policy. The Council web site has full details of the bin collection days, and advice on what rubbish goes where.

Bin colour Collected: Category
black bin
Fortnightly (week 1) Normal household rubbish
blue bin
Fortnightly (week 2) Paper, cardboard, liquid food and drink cartons, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogues, envelopes, directories and Yellow Pages. Flatten large cardboard boxes and place next to the bin.
brown bin
Fortnightly (week 1) Plastic bottles, drink and food cans & aerosols, foil and foil trays, all glass bottles and jars. If it's bottle-shaped and made of plastic, you can recycle it. Rinse and squash to save space. No plastic bags, plastic film, yoghurt pots or food trays.
green bin
Weekly March to October, Fortnightly (week 1) other times Organic & garden waste.