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15 July 2019

Brookburn Primary to celebrate 50th

If you are a former pupil of Brookburn School or know someone who might have fond memories of the school, the school would love to hear from you. They are also seeking any old pictures or memorabilia from the school's past.

Contact the school office by email (, Twitter (@BrookburnP) or telephone (0161 881 8880).

28 June 2019

Contractors Letter

The Chorltonville Owners Committee have published a letter for residents to pass on to their contractors prior to building works. It explains to the contractors the responsibilities of the estate residents in the upkeep of the estate. It outlines the steps that need to be taken by any contractor to help maintain the estate.

Download the letter

17 June 2019

Summer 2019 newsletter

Summer 2019 newsletter is available on-line

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25 March 2019

Chorlton & Didsbury Food Bank

The Chorlton & Didsbury Foodbank is now a stand-alone charity and has a license from the Trussell Trust to operate as part of their network of food banks working to their particular standards and systems. Constitutionally we can have up to nine Trustees. One way folks can help is by offering to be a Trustee for those who might like to be involved at this more strategic level. We currently have a few vacancies on the board of Trustees.

In more operational ways, our long-standing volunteer Project Coordinator is leaving at the end of March. We are very well supported by a large base of volunteers to assist on the days we are open to welcome and serve foodbank clients. We particularly need assistance in operational and support areas where no direct contact with clients is needed. The more backroom areas such as warehouse management/coordination, administration - particularly in relation to our website and social media, and in Fundraising.

If any of these roles on the Board of Trustees, or operationally appeals, please do get in touch with Phil Gay at to find out more.

25 March 2019

2019 AGM Minutes

Minutes are now available for the Chorltonville 2019 AGM held on Sunday 24 February

You can view or download the minutes from the AGM page.

17 October 2018

Autumn 2018 newsletter

Autumn 2018 newsletter is available on-line

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30 May 2018

2018 AGM Minutes

The minutes for the 2018 AGM are now available online.

Visit the AGM page for a link to the download.

29 May 2018

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Spring 2018 newsletter is available on-line

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27 November 2017

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Autumn 2017 newsletter is available on-line

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2 June 2017

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Spring 2017 newsletter is available on-line

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17 April 2017

Bedding Plants from Longford Scouts

If any residents are interested in a supply of quality plants straight from the grower at very competitive prices and at the same time raising valuable funds for the group, then visit the Longford Scouts website to place your order.

The deadline for orders is Friday 28 April and plants will be delivered on Friday 12th or Saturday 13th May 2017.

Bedding Plant Online Ordering

17 March 2017

2017 AGM Minutes

The minutes for the 2017 AGM are now available online.

Visit the AGM page for a link to the download.

11 October 2016

Autumn newsletter now on-line

Autumn 2016 newsletter is available on-line

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26 April 2016

Inconsiderate Parking

We have had quite a lot of reports of inconsiderate and sometimes dangerous parking over the last few weeks, with contractors and visitors' vehicles parked on kerbs and verges or on some occasions parked opposite residents' parked cars making it difficult for vehicles to pass between.

Every verge and kerb repair necessary makes it a little harder to avoid levy increases.

We are really grateful for reports of damage and where vehicles are identified we do try recover costs. Committee Members do their best to tackle parking which might damage verges or kerbs, but our resources are limited. Please download our "please don't park here" notice which we encourage you to use if you find vehicles parked on verges or kerbs.

See our page on parking...

18 April 2016

Call for photographs

Our gallery is now online but we need more content.

If anyone has old photographs or documents, please contact us.

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